Dining Dashboard provides content managers with the tools they need to create beautiful food and drink menus for their websites. Our goal is to provide an excellent user experience for both content managers and website visitors. Built to work in harmony with the Gutenberg editor and focused on working towards a future where full site editing will become a reality.


This site provides demonstrations of four different layouts that can be created with the Dining Dashboard plugin:

Switching Themes

In the top right hand corner of this website you will find the “Theme Switcha”. This button will you to change the theme used for this demo and includes all the default WordPress themes, as well as the “Simple Dining” theme.


  • Fully responsive menu layouts
  • Support for both wide and full-width alignment options
  • Single or multiple column menu section formats
  • Collapsible menu sections
  • Menu items with titles, images, descriptions, pricing and dietary requirement icons
  • Lazy loading background images for faster loading times
  • Structured markup of food and/or drink items for search engine optimization
  • Dashboard widget for quick overview of all your menus
  • Custom styles for all default WordPress themes
  • Ability for developers to override front end templates in your sites theme
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